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Information for Sellers

Selling with us is easy. Here's what you need to know.

  • If you have goods for sale the first step is to decide how many lots you have. We charge $1 per lot entry/listing fee and 12% commission. Please note the entry fee is payable even if the lot doesn't sell. (It costs just as much to catalogue, number and try to sell an item as it does to sell it.) With this in mind please ensure that your lots are valuable enough or large enough to attract a bid of at least $5.
  • Next ask Polly to book you in with name and number of lots for the next auction.
  • As soon as you know what you are entering please let us have your lists for the catalogue. If you are planning to reserve items it helps if you include reserve prices at this point. Please make sure this list is with us ASAP and by Wednesday of the sale week at the latest.
  • On the Saturday of the auction we will do our best to sell your items. We pay sellers in cash on the day of the auction. You need to be there to collect your money and any unsold lots between 3 pm and 5 pm. We deduct all charges at this point. Your invoice will show you what you have sold and how much each item raised. It will also show your charges and any unsold goods so you will know what to take home again. (Please don't take something just because it is still on the table. It may have sold to a commission bidder.) PLEASE COME TO THE ROOM AT THE BACK OF THE HALL TO BE PAID. The desk at the front is only involved with collecting payments from buyers.
Information for Sellers




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